Grannies Life on a Plate (15cm)

Grannies Life on a Plate (15cm)

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Your family recorded in a nice spiral layout allowing Grannies/Nan,/Nannies/Grandad/Pops family to be recorded in a 'friendly' layout.

Why the spiral layout and not the classic tree format... Good question we have found to show what is regarded as family soon became difficult to layout in a geometric form. The spiral keeps all of the names and connections with the ability to include the floating connections. Another simple fact is we can fit more on and we want this record to be able to fit into the every day spaces available on the coffee table sideboard etc etc..

Please note your text will be used in the format supplied to us. So please ensure accuracy of content and spelling.

OK Grannies life on a plate .. should be Nannies Life Nan's Life Granddad's life etc .. and of course you are correct so there is a space on the ordering of the plate to give us the correct title


At the bottom of the Plate is space for the Occassion date etc.. Happy 60th  80th etc or Just Happy Mothers Day 2018 ...your choice (max 30 characters)


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